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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

I may have gotten sidetracked, but as promised, wanted to share a few items that I've come across and loved this year. This post has nothing to do with bags and it's really just me organizing my thoughts, sharing with you some really cute gifts, and crossing holiday shopping off my to-do list at the same time. To be completely honest, some of these items I decided to buy and keep for myself because self-love.

My usual "procrastinate then panic" approach to holiday shopping, although tempting, really doesn't do me any favors. So this year I'm getting ahead of the game, and hope I encourage you to do the same. Enjoy this guide, even if it is completely useless, maybe you'll get some ideas from it. The key takeaway here: perfume sample sets are always a good idea, one can never have too many scarves, and an item from someone's favorite TV show will always make a great gift. Ho Ho Ho.

Links below:

Let me know if you have any questions about these!



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