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Bag Q&A

Don't feel like reading every single blog post? I got you. I put together a quick Q&A regarding my favorite bags + shopping process. Any specific question you want answered? DM me @onemorebagblog or drop me a note!

Q: Favorite bag from your collection?

A: How does one pick their favorite child? I love them all. Bottega double knot.

Q: Favorite pre-loved way to shop?

A: Fashionphile first. The RealReal second. Poshmark third.

Q: But Poshmark has so much junk, how do you know what's real and what's not?

A: I want to make a dedicated blog post about this. You need to know what to look for, and know that if someone is selling a "brand new Saint Laurent bag" for $200, it's fake, don't fall for it. Look for serial numbers, ask for receipts, ask questions, make sure you know where the seller got the bag from. Also keep in mind that purchases above $500 go through Posh HQ to get authenticated first, before they come to you.

Q: Favorite luxury fashion house?

A: Bottega Veneta.

Q: First designer bag?

A: Gucci Dionysus was my first designer bag I bought for myself in 2018. When I was younger, my older sister gifted me a Dior mini saddle, which has since been mistakenly given to Goodwill due to a wrong pile mishap during a move. I don't want to talk about it.

Q: Any vintage bags?

A: My vintage Chanel is as old as I am, and quite honestly is aging better than I am.

Q: Go-to color for a bag?

A: Have you met me? Black.

Q: If you had to pick a color?

A: A nice lavender or lilac moment. Is there a difference between the two?

Q: Why would anyone collect designer bags? I don't get it?

A: I don't think you're in the right place.

Q: I want a nice semi-reasonably priced bag, where should I look?

A: Polene, Cult Gaia, Jacquemus.

Q: I'm traveling and need a practical bag that will hold all my stuff that I can wear crossbody, help?

A: AllSaints Sheringham bag. Keep in mind it is not a traditional crossbody, and it will sit more around your waist than hip as the strap is much shorter than usual (even if you adjust). If you like to wear bags across your chest a la bumbag - it will be perfect.

Q: Do you sell bags?

A: If I don't reach for a bag anymore, I list it on Poshmark (dm me!) but I will try to let you know on IG first.

Q: Any bags you sold that you regret selling?

A: No. A few years back I regretted selling my Saint Laurent top handle Loulou - but looking back at it now, I would have sold it eventually anyway. Black with silver hardware is a bit much for me.

Q: Thoughts on Tradesy?

A: I'm not sure why bags on there cost more than retail? If you know, can you let me know?

Q: I want to build a collection, where do I start?

A: My personal advice is start with a classic bag - think a black bag, no obvious logos, not a lot of hardware (no over the top buckles, chains, etc.) something that you can wear today and in 5 years and it will still be beautiful.

Q: Smooth leather that surprised you on durability?

A: Probably my Saint Laurent Bellechasse - but truthfully, I'm extremely careful with my bags and take care of them as if they were my babies (they are).

Q: How many bags do you have?

A: A lot. Keep in mind, it didn't happen overnight.

Q: Recommend a beach bag that's designer?

A: Celine or Loewe.

Q: Recommend a beach bag that's not designer?

Q: Which bag would you bring with you to Paris: Celine Belt bag or Saint Laurent Camera bag?

A: That's a tough one. If the Belt bag is one of the sizes that you can wear crossbody, then that. If not, then the Camera bag. You'll need two hands free for the croissants.

Q: Is the Celine Belt bag worth it?

A: In my opinion, yes. I don't know why but I find that bag to be stunningly beautiful. I always feel like a boss when I wear it. It also holds a ton (I have the mini size which ironically is the bigger size) and no matter what's in it it maintains its gorgeous shape.

Q: What's the last bag you purchased?

A: Bottega mini pouch in camel. She's beauty and she's grace.

Q: Explain your "Bags under 1k" posts?

A: I browse Fashionphile for gorgeous bags under $1,000 and compile them into blog posts, this helps me focus long enough to forget to click "add to cart."

Q: Are you a graphic designer by day?

A: No, but I love graphic design and studied it at Parsons for fun as an adult. I just like saying Parsons. It makes me feel fancy.

Q: What will your next bag purchase be?

A: I actually don't know! Let's wait and see.


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