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Where have you been? I ask myself as I stare at my reflection in the mirror. Just kidding. But really, I've been MIA and in case 2 of you care, I thought I'd share what I've been up to.

We recently moved! Which is very exciting. However, with the move came a whole new wave of projects. The bathrooms had to be redone. The entire house had to be painted. The backyard had to be fixed up. This took all and any mental capacity I had left, and the beautiful shiny bags that once greeted me in my cloffice every morning were suddenly shelved away and put on the proverbial back burner.

In our old house, my home office also doubled as a closet. As a typical 1920s house - the actual closets were rather tiny, and so I took a wall of my home office and made it my IKEA-PAX-paradise with open shelving and glass drawers, displaying all my favorite accessories.

In our new house, which is certainly newer than 1920 but not quite as new as 2020, the closets are something in between: regular, normal-size, 90s type closets. To make an extra room into a closet would be silly, as we only have 2 extra rooms and each are a home office for us, with mine doubling as a guest room.

And so my bags sit on a shelf in my closet: a tragedy. Sometimes I open those closet doors just to look at them in admiration, but then close them promptly so the dogs don't eat my shoes. But now we are getting settled, and the projects are getting completed, and it allows me to sit down and write a bit about what brought me here in the first place: my love of bags. Oh, how I love them, and how I always want one more.

This micro raffia YSL uptown pouch is giving me all the vibes for summer 2023. Better luck with this one than its canvas counterpart, I hope! Update: She's been out and about with me a few times now, and is holding up beautifully.

Coming up on my next blog post: what bags I've been buying in my hiatus (bonus: they are very affordable and very freaking cute).


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