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Bottega Veneta Mini Pouch

Me? In love with another Bottega bag? Groundbreaking.

The classic Bottega pouch was one of those bags that I always adored but could never picture myself wearing. The standard size pouch, although gorgeous, does not really fit my lifestyle. As chic as others make it look, I knew I would be struggling holding it while balancing my phone and coffee in hand. The solution? Our beloved pouch in the mini size.

The bag fits a lot considering its size. My cardholder, few lipsticks, small hand lotion, basically anything I would need with me if I'm going out. Have I tried to also put my car keys in it? No, no I have not. But let's assume someone else is driving! You can find a Reel of what fits in the bag on my Instagram.

The strap is adjustable, which I love, because it gives me options for how long or short I want the bag to sit with a particular outfit. You can also take the strap off entirely and wear the mini pouch by itself. Overall, it's the beautiful minimalism of Bottega that keeps me coming back for more; I can already think of so many summer outfits that this bag will go perfectly with. I got the Camel color (which I think is now called Teak?) so it will be versatile for any look (unlike my Kiwi Jodie!). As always, if you have any questions on any of my bags, drop me a note!

PS. Is it summer yet?

Still in my collection? Yes.


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