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Saint Laurent Uptown Clutch

Anytime I would eye this bag online, it would sell out. It almost became a challenge I had to complete - now that it was hard to get, I had to find it, and I had to have it.

The Saint Laurent Uptown pouch in canvas and smooth leather. There's just something about this gorgeous color combo that had me coming back for it. If there was ever the perfect summer clutch - this was pretty much it.

The reasonable price of this stunning YSL also makes it a great first designer bag purchase. If you want to dip your toe in the luxury pool without spending thousands of dollars, the Uptown clutch is your perfect starter bag. It comes in a variety of colors, so if you're not feeling the canvas, you can opt for the simple leather (black, beige, red, you name it).

Another great thing that I found online is the conversion kits that people sell on Etsy and other sites for this specific clutch. With the conversion kit, you basically can now wear the clutch as a bag by adding a gold chain to it, which is pretty neat. I didn't end up ordering it, but it was great to know that this was an option. You can view an example of it here. Fun tip: these kits are available for many different popular clutches, not just this one.

Ultimately, I did end up selling the clutch, and the only reason was that I was terrified of getting it dirty. I initially bought it to wear to a couple summer weddings, but I felt like one wrong move and I would spill my drink on it, or even worse, someone else would spill their drink on it. The bag got a ton of views and sold in less than 24 hours after I listed it on Poshmark, so there's a good chance I'm the only paranoid one.

Still in my collection? No.


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