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Celine Made In Large Clutch

For the amount of effort I put in finding this bag, you'd think I'd keep it forever. But alas, after a long time sitting in my closet with nowhere to go, it was time to say goodbye.

The Celine Made In large clutch. Excuse me, Céline, as this is a 2018/Phoebe Philo era find. I've searched for this clutch in black for so long, until I realized that's pretty much 90% of my bags, so perhaps I should shift my focus and go for the beautiful ivory option. I was able to find it on The RealReal, and kept my eye on it until it went on sale. I guess patience does pay off!

The clutch itself is stunning. The logo is both conspicuous and understated. It doesn't scream Céline - but says it softly and with confidence. I really dislike when people say something goes "from day to night," but this bag really does effortlessly go from day to night. It holds a ton, but I never put unnecessary items in as to not make it heavy.

The last time I wore this bag I found it cumbersome to carry, and after that it pretty much sat in my closet until I listed it for sale. It sold quicker than I thought, so everyone is happy.

Of course, if you must have it, this bag is no longer available, so you will need to find it on the pre-loved market. Otherwise, take a look at the link below for Celine's current lineup of clutches and other small leather goods.

Still in my collection? No.


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