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Do I need a new Chanel bag or do I need therapy?

I didn't even give myself the time to enjoy my beautiful new purchase before I started scouring the internet for a new one. It's absurd, and I am completely aware of it. I recently purchased a gorgeous tweed Chanel 19 wallet on chain. I waited for it for so long, it was so perfect and special when it arrived. I fell in love with it instantly.

Then, before I even realized it, I was searching for another tweed Chanel 19, this time in a small or medium size. I loved the WOC I thought, but now I want something bigger. I told myself if I got the bigger size, I would sell the WOC. And so I searched, and called, and showed up in boutiques. Nothing. What I wanted was simply not available anymore (or at least no one seemed willing to help me track it down).

With this unicorn item being out of reach, it gave me a sense of acceptance. I tried. Now I could sit and reflect. Why couldn't I just appreciate the gorgeous new bag I just received? It's my very first Chanel bag. That's a big deal. It should be special and give me all the purse peace I need (more on purse peace later), and yet it somehow wasn't fulfilling. But why? Why wasn't it enough? That's a question for a therapist, that's for sure.

And so I was able to slow down and really remind myself: you need to appreciate what you have. Not just say you appreciate it, but really mean it. This gorgeous tweed little number that you wanted? With that delicious mixed hardware you love so much? You have it. Wear it. Enjoy it. And stay off the internet.

Still in my collection? Yes.

Interested in learning more? I recommend Fashionphile.

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