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Fendi Flat Baguette

As much as I'm experiencing writer's block on this unusually cold winter morning, I did want to write a quick (and long overdue) review on the Fendi Flat Baguette. My favorite thing about this bag is without a doubt its dark and light brown canvas shoulder strap. I think it adds such a fun and sporty element to the bag and to whatever outfit you're wearing.

You can wear the bag on your shoulder or cross-body, or take the strap off and wear it as a clutch. Due to the way the strap sits, I personally think it looks most flattering when worn cross-body. There are two versions of this bag, one with one compartment and another with two (mine has two compartments inside). I don't see a lot of them available right now, but going to add links below to the one that's currently up on the Fendi website, as well as the same bag on Fashionphile for $975.

What I noticed from wearing this bag is it really doesn't have a lot of room inside due to its slim profile. I was worried that having my car keys in it would ruin its shape, which isn't very practical. So my suggestion would be to save this bag for when you really don't have a lot of items to carry.

My overall thoughts: cute, sporty, and I adore the cream color and the wide strap. Not the type of bag you can throw your stuff in and run out the door, but for the perfect occasion - it really is a beauty.

Huge shout out to Buying From Bri - I came across her business while looking for this bag and got such a great deal on it. Make sure to check her out!

Still in my collection? Yes.

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