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Gucci Dionysus Mini

AKA the bag that started it all. The day that I parted with my Forever 21 bags (may they rest in polyvinyl heaven) and was ready for my first designer bag purchase, I looked no further than the Gucci Dionysus mini.

This bag comes in many different sizes. If you look on the Gucci website, linked below, you'll see the mini, the super mini, the small shoulder bag, and medium shoulder bag. They also come in a variety of different prints and color combos.

Since I was not yet aware of what a handbag fanatic I would soon become, I decided that if this was the only designer bag I would own, I wanted it to be simple yet glamorous - no loud logos, no monogram prints. It doesn't scream Gucci, but if you know, you know.

The black leather and black suede option was the only one I had my eye on. I would also soon realize just how many of my bags would feature this classic combo I so happen to love.

The chain can be doubled so it sits shorter on your shoulder, or you can wear it long way and as a cross body. Inside of the bag is simple - just one main compartment with a small hidden side pocket. Not the roomiest bag, but it's not meant to be.

Overall, this one is a keeper for me. Maybe because it was my first designer bag, it will always be special.

Still in my collection? Yes.


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