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Polene Numero Un Mini

I have only the best things to say about Polene Numero Un bags. It was love at first sight for me when I ordered the regular and mini versions of the brand's most recognizable design. This post is about the Numero Un Mini - a more compact version of the regular size.

The price point of these bags (under $500 USD) is extremely reasonable considering the quality and the gorgeous leather. It looks as good now as the day I got it several years ago (although I do take excellent care of my handbags, thank you very much).

The understated and delicate lines of this bag make it a great accessory for when you don't want a bag with a designer logo. If you order the black option - keep in mind that they have two different black bags: all leather, and leather and suede combo, so be careful when selecting to make sure you get the one you want.

The bag fits the essentials with ease, and has a pocket inside and one small pocket outside. The gold chain and gold hardware are truly beautiful, and since the regular size Numero Un does not have these features, makes it pretty special.

Also, these bags make gorgeous gifts. They come beautifully packaged, and their customer service is excellent if you run into any issues along the way. Overall, I think this is a purchase you definitely wouldn't regret.

Still in my collection? Yes.


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