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Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag

The very long overdue review of one of my favorite bags. As I curate my collection, I'm starting to gear toward more clean and classic designs. Less logos, less hardware (I was bit by the Bottega bug - send help). I try to be more mindful of this as I add more bags to my collection, and in turn I decide which bags I'm going to part ways with. No matter how many times I put this bag on the chopping block, I just can't let it go. It's just so easy and effortless, any errand, any party, any outfit - I throw it on and it's perfect.

Fun fact: this is the first bag I ever wanted! Back when I first started researching designer bags (and before I landed on the Gucci Dionysus as my first purchase) the Saint Laurent camera bag was the one I kept coming back to. Somehow even then I knew to hold off on any logo bags, which is how I picked the Dionysus over YSL.

The bag is quite spacious; I made a reel on my Instagram a while ago of all the items I could fit in it, and it's pretty impressive. It holds its shape well and doesn't sag, it's very sturdy and perfect for running errands. I absolutely love the lighter colors of this bag (blanc vintage, dark beige) but I was always drawn to the black on black, as I find it a little more subtle. Plus, I think it gives it a little edge.

After all this time, the bag is still in perfect condition, the leather and hardware look great - no scratches, no issues (and I bought this bag pre-loved to begin with). If you're on the fence about this one, go try it on and see for yourself, I think you're going to fall in love with it.

Still in my collection? Yes.

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May 31

The logo looks really off...

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