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Saint Laurent Toy Loulou

This little bag gets so much love on social media, and yet no matter how hard I tried to love it, I had to part ways with it. The Saint Laurent Toy Loulou, in all her 7 inches by 5 inches glory. The bag is adorable, the black on black is truly my favorite, and as much as I wanted it to work, it was just too small for me.

I held on to this bag for about a month before selling it, and I've never once worn it in that month. The reason why I think it didn't work for me is simple - I think I'm just too tall for it, making it look like a literal toy bag on me. I see other people on the gram wearing this bag, and it looks phenomenal on them. I really think proportions have a lot to do with it!

I've also seen people take the strap off and wear it as a clutch, but in my opinion, it's a little bit of an awkward shape bag for that. Other than the obvious gorgeous Saint Laurent leather and my favorite black hardware, the bag was surprisingly roomy for its petite size. The price has gone up significantly in the last few years since I bought it, so if you must have it, buy it sooner rather than later. And as always, my advice is to check the pre-loved market first.

Overall consensus: I think for the right person - this bag is a winner (just not for me).

Still in my collection? No.


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