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Polene Numero Un

I was recently inspired by Instagram's latest feature, Guides. I dedicated my first Guide to Polene's signature Numero Un handbag, you can view it here on my page if you want to check it out, or just read on below!

It’s called number one for a reason. French brand Polene’s most recognizable silhouette is a bag you’ve likely seen before: on influencers, in public, on TV (Emily in Paris, anyone?). I reach for this bag just as much now as the day I got it in 2018. What can I say, it was love at first sight.

A bag that is equally as beautiful as it is functional. I’m always amazed how it holds its elegant shape no matter what I put in it. This bag came with me on a pre‑pandemic trip to Paris and was a perfect companion for all of the busy days.

My favorite part about the trio camel? I know it will look great no matter what shade of brown my shoes or accessories are. It looks effortless with a white button down and jeans, which is essentially my uniform.

To read about the mini version of the handbag, you can view my other blog post about it here.

Still in my collection? Yes.


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